A free ticket management web app for K-12 schools in California.

MyTechDesk is a web-based ticket management system developed and operated by the Imperial County Office of Education.

If you have service requests to manage and track, MyTechDesk is your solution!

Detailed information for each ticket is tracked within MyTechDesk, including important dates, resolutions, time spent and more.

Custom fields can be used to track specific data, such as tag numbers or budget codes.

Built for schools

MyTechDesk helps streamline your school's work order management process.

Free for K-12 schools in California



  • Determine workload on support staff
  • Manage and distribute tickets to appropriate staff
  • Document ticket history
  • Report progress and amount of work completed
  • Detailed tracking of support issues

Support staff

  • Provide tools to manage service requests
  • Focus on problem resolution rather than data entry
  • Maintain ticket history
  • Promote better organization and prioritization of time and workload

End users

  • Provide a simple way to submit requests for support
  • Create one convenient place to add, maintain and follow-up on service requests


Plenty of features!

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